Christophe Goulard (1967-2023)

We lost our comrade Christophe Goulard on the morning of July 3rd.
His was suffering from a lung cancer that was diagnosed this winter – too late.
We are devastated.
Christophe and L’Abominable first crossed paths in 1999 and he quickly took on an essential role at the lab. He moved into an apartment above our former space in Asnières, where he became a part of our day-to-day life and put his precision and inexhaustible technical know-how to the service of filmmakers. In 2014, he left a job in the public school system and joined our non-profit as a employee. In parallel, he developed an activity repairing cameras and acquired an extraordinary expertise that vanishes with him.
It is impossible to count all the projects carried out together restoring machines, repairing them day and night, inventing new ones, and imagining others which will doubtlessly never come to fruition.
But above all, he was a true friend to me, one of uncompromising integrity.
With his passing, a period comes to a close.
It is a sad paradox that this has happened at the very moment that we are given the opportunity to give a permanent home to all the work we have accomplished, in large part thanks to Christophe, over the last 25 years.
With each day that goes by, my brother-in-arms will be missed.
Nicolas Rey
A funeral will take place at the crematorium of Rennes Métropole, la Clairière du Plessis 35770 Vern-sur-Seiche, on Tuesday, July 11th at 4:15 PM. It is possible to see the body at the funeral home Cochet-Bretel, 15 Rue du Champs Martin , 35770 Vern-sur-Seiche.